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WELCOME! Are you world-curious? Do you love to learn more about other parts of the world? Do you wonder what it is like to grow up in another country? Do you want your time at the University of Kentucky to prepare you to be a savvy traveler, a skilled employee in global business, an informed global citizen, or even a global change-maker? If you are looking forward to the many ways the University of Kentucky can open the doors to the wider world, then the International Village Living Learning Program may be your ideal campus home

The International Village Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky is founded on the belief that we live in an interconnected world, and to thrive in this world means knowing and understanding people from diverse parts of the world. Our globally connected lives can be seen in the clothes we wear, heard in the music we listen to, and tasted in the food we eat. While the things we enjoy and rely on everyday come from all over the planet, it is connections between people that are the most meaningful and rewarding. Making friends from other parts of the world lets you see how things look from another perspective, and offers opportunities to learn about other cultures. The International Village is a multi-national community of students, with roommate pairings matching international and US students to foster cross-cultural friendships. With a dedicated course exploring our globalized world, and with plenty of student-centered programming, residents of the International Village experience an international, fun and supportive living and learning environment while exploring all the University of Kentucky offers.

The International Village is located in one of the newest residence halls, Blazer Hall, which offers a choice of suite-style accommodations. Students also enjoy a kitchen and common study areas, and this residence hall stays open during the breaks.

Best wishes,

Sue Roberts
Associate Provost for Internationalization